IFRS Foundation
February 15, 2017

Governance Transition FAQs


What governance transition is SASB undergoing?
SASB is transitioning to a two-tiered governance model with separation of financial responsibilities from the standards-setting activities. In the new model, an entity called the SASB Foundation is responsible for finances and governance. The Foundation delegates authority for standards setting to the SASB, a newly appointed technical board.

Who will govern the SASB Foundation?
The group formerly known as the SASB Board of Directorswill become the SASB Foundation Board of Directors.

Who will be on the SASB standardsboard?
The SASB Foundation Directors will appoint 5-9 members of the SASB. They will look to fill some seats with members of the former SASB Standards Council. The Chair of the SASB is a full-time compensated role. The members of the SASB are a part-time role with a stipend.

What role do committees of the SASB Foundation play?
Two committees of the SASB Foundation play an important role in standards development. First, the Governance & Nominating Committee nominates members of the SASB. The full Foundation Board then votes on these nominations. Second, the newly formed Standards Oversight Committee oversees the due process of SASB’s standards development. The members of the SASB report to the Standards Oversight Committee.

Why is SASB moving to a two tier governance structure?
In the new model, fundraising and business-related activities will be separate from standard-setting, which will facilitate the independence and rigor of SASB’s standards-setting process. The new governance structure is modelled after that of the FAF and the FASB.

Is SASB’s name changing?
The legal entity for SASB is now called the SASB Foundation. However, SASB’s operating name and identity remains SASB. We will still be known as SASB in our communications, including our website and our publications.