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Most major industry classification systems use sources of revenue as their basis for classifying companies into specific sectors and industries. In order to group like companies based on their sustainability-related risks and opportunities, a new industry classification was needed. The Sustainable Industry Classification System® (SICS®) solves that problem. The differences between SICS® and traditional industry classification systems can be categorised in three types: (1) new thematic sectors; (2) new industries with unique sustainability profiles; and (3) industries classified in different sectors.

Unlike other industry classification systems—which use common financial and market characteristics— SICS® uses sustainability profiles to group similar companies within industries and sectors. In SICS®, a company’s sustainability risks and opportunities are more important for its classification than other traditional factors, such as economic cycles and revenue streams. A company’s SICS® classification is determined by overlaying its sustainability framework to other industry taxonomies.

SICS® look-up tool

This tool allows you to determine the primary SICS® industry for tens of thousands of companies listed around the world, enabling investors and corporations to determine which SASB Standard is applicable to that company. Companies are categorised under a single primary SICS® industry. Integrated firms with revenue streams from different industries, for example, will only appear under one industry. Please contact us by clicking on the flag () next to the company name if you think that your company’s “primary” industry needs to be reviewed. For guidance for companies that report in multiple industries, please see the “Determine Which Industry Standards Apply” section of the SASB Implementation Primer.

An entity determines which Industry Standard(s) and which disclosure topics are relevant to its business, and which associated metrics to report. In general, an entity should use the SASB Standard specific to its primary industry as identified in SICS®. However, companies with substantial business in multiple SICS® industries should refer to and consider the applicability of the disclosure topics and associated metrics in additional SASB Standards.

Once you have found your industry or industries, download the SASB Standard(s).

Commercial use of the Sustainable Industry Classification System® (SICS®) is restricted to those parties that have entered into commercial terms and use agreements. Interested parties who would like to use SICS® for commercial purposes may contact us at [email protected] for terms of use.

If you are unable to find your company or think the classification needs to be reviewed, please contact us using our classification request form. For any SICS®-related inquiries please visit our inquiry form.

Sustainable Industry Classification System®

Thematic Sectors Sub-Sectors Industries
CGConsumer GoodsCG.1Apparel & TextilesCG-AAApparel, Accessories & Footwear
  CG.2Consumer Discretionary ProductsCG-AMAppliance Manufacturing
    CG-BFBuilding Products & Furnishings
    CG-HPHousehold & Personal Products
    CG-TSToys & Sporting Goods
  CG.3Consumer Goods RetailCG-MRMultiline and Specialty Retailers & Distributors
Thematic Sectors Sub-Sectors Industries
EMExtractives & Minerals ProcessingEM.1CoalEM-COCoal Operations
  EM.2Construction MaterialsEM-CMConstruction Materials
  EM.3Metals & MiningEM-ISIron & Steel Producers
    EM-MMMetals & Mining
  EM.4Oil & GasEM-EPOil & Gas - Exploration & Production
    EM-MDOil & Gas - Midstream
    EM-RMOil & Gas - Refining & Marketing
    EM-SVOil & Gas - Services
Thematic Sectors Sub-Sectors Industries
FNFinancialsFN.1Capital MarketsFN-ACAsset Management & Custody Activities
    FN-IBInvestment Banking & Brokerage
    FN-EXSecurity & Commodity Exchanges
  FN.2Corporate & Retail BankingFN-CBCommercial Banks
    FN-CFConsumer Finance
    FN-MFMortgage Finance
Thematic Sectors Sub-Sectors Industries
FBFood & BeverageFB.1FoodFB-AGAgricultural Products
    FB-MPMeat, Poultry & Dairy
    FB-PFProcessed Foods
  FB.2BeveragesFB-ABAlcoholic Beverages
    FB-NBNon-Alcoholic Beverages
  FB.3Food & Beverage RetailFB-FRFood Retailers & Distributors
Thematic Sectors Sub-Sectors Industries
HCHealth CareHC.1Biotechnology & PharmaceuticalsHC-BPBiotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
  HC.2Health Care RetailHC-DRDrug Retailers
  HC.3Health Care ProvidersHC-DYHealth Care Delivery
    HC-DIHealth Care Distributors
    HC-MCManaged Care
  HC.4Medical TechnologyHC-MSMedical Equipment & Supplies
Thematic Sectors Sub-Sectors Industries
IFInfrastructureIF.1UtilitiesIF-EUElectric Utilities & Power Generators
    IF-GUGas Utilities & Distributors
    IF-WUWater Utilities & Services
  IF.2InfrastructureIF-ENEngineering & Construction Services
  IF.3Real EstateIF-HBHome Builders
    IF-REReal Estate
    IF-RSReal Estate Services
  IF.4Waste ManagementIF-WMWaste Management
Thematic Sectors Sub-Sectors Industries
RRRenewable Resources & Alternative EnergyRR.1Alternative EnergyRR-BIBiofuels
    RR-FCFuel Cells & Industrial Batteries
    RR-STSolar Technology & Project Developers
    RR-WTWind Technology & Project Developers
  RR.2Forestry & PaperRR-FMForestry Management
    RR-PPPulp & Paper Products
Thematic Sectors Sub-Sectors Industries
RTResource TransformationRT.1IndustrialsRT-AEAerospace & Defense
    RT-CPContainers & Packaging
    RT-EEElectrical & Electronic Equipment
    RT-IGIndustrial Machinery & Goods
Thematic Sectors Sub-Sectors Industries
SVServicesSV.1MediaSV-ADAdvertising & Marketing
    SV-MEMedia & Entertainment
  SV.2Hospitality & RecreationSV-CACasinos & Gaming
    SV-HLHotels & Lodging
    SV-LFLeisure Facilities
  SV.3Consumer ServicesSV-EDEducation
    SV-PSProfessional & Commercial Services
Thematic Sectors Sub-Sectors Industries
TCTechnology & CommunicationsTC.1TechnologyTC-ESElectronic Manufacturing Services & Original Design Manufacturing
    TC-SISoftware & IT Services
  TC.2Internet Media & ServicesTC-IMInternet Media & Services
  TC.4TelecommunicationsTC-TLTelecommunication Services
Thematic Sectors Sub-Sectors Industries
TRTransportationTR.1Air TransportationTR-ALAirlines
    TR-AFAir Freight & Logistics
    TR-APAuto Parts
    TR-CRCar Rental & Leasing
  TR.3Marine TransportationTR-CLCruise Lines
    TR-MTMarine Transportation
  TR.4Land TransportationTR-RARail Transportation
    TR-RORoad Transportation