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SASB Standards Implementation Primer



The Implementation Primer is also available in French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

SASB Standards and the ISSB

As of August 2022, the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) of the IFRS Foundation assumed responsibility for the SASB Standards. The ISSB has committed to maintain, enhance and evolve the SASB Standards and encourages preparers and investors to continue to use the SASB Standards. The ISSB has confirmed that industry-specific disclosures are required and, in the absence of specific IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards, companies must consider the SASB Standards to identify sustainability-related risks, opportunities and related information to disclose.

The guidance in this Implementation Primer is intended to serve as a useful reference for entities applying the SASB Standards independently from the ISSB Standards. Entities using the SASB Standards as part of their implementation of ISSB Standards should consider the relevant ISSB application guidance. Browse FAQs about the future of SASB Standards under the ISSB.

Primer Contents

A company can use the Primer, along with the SASB Standards, to:

This Primer is primarily intended for corporate professionals responsible for a company’s external reporting efforts. Members of sustainability, accounting, audit, finance, investor relations, legal, and risk functions are likely to find it useful in assessing and improving how their company measures, manages, and discloses performance on the sustainability factors that are linked to financial performance and long-term value creation. To incorporate the SASB Standards’ industry classification, metrics, or underlying research and related content into your systems, products, or services, contact [email protected].