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International Applicability of SASB Standards

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The Project’s objective is to conduct research and consultation to define SASB’s standards internationalization strategy. This strategy will include a defining potential standard-setting activities designed to improve the global applicability of disclosure topics and accounting metrics. While the scope of the Project does not include executing these specific standard-setting activities, it will comprise the foundational research that will enable subsequent standard setting to be conducted in line with the established standards globalization strategy.

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Transitioned to the ISSB

Fall 2023: Blackline Documents

On 11 October, blackline documents were published detailing revisions to the SASB Standards in connection with the International Applicability of SASB Standards Project.

The documents are available for information purposes to allow stakeholders to familiarise themselves with the revisions. The revisions will not be final until ratified and issued by the ISSB, anticipated in December 2023.

These revisions:

  • are intended to help preparers apply the SASB Standards regardless of the jurisdiction in which they operate or the type of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) they use;
  • were informed by feedback received in response to the Exposure Draft Methodology for Enhancing the International Applicability of the SASB Standards and SASB Standards Taxonomy Updates; and
  • do not substantially alter the SASB Standards’ structure or intent.

Blackline Documents

Agricultural Products
Alcoholic Beverages
Food Retailers & Distributors
Meat, Poultry & Dairy
Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Processed Foods

*October 13, 2023. The Food Retailers & Distributors, Meat, Poultry & Dairy and Processed Foods blackline documents have been updated to correct an error in Table 1. Specifically, the previous versions of these documents incorrectly included new disclosure topics and metrics regarding product diversification in Table 1.

Electric Utilities & Power Generators
Engineering & Construction Services
Gas Utilities & Distributors
Home Builders
Real Estate Services
Waste Management
Water Utilities & Services

*The Real Estate SASB Standard contains only climate-related disclosure topics and metrics. Those topics and metrics were updated as part of the June 2023 updates to the SASB Standards. No revisions to the Real Estate SASB Standard will be made in connection with this project.

Published Documents & Supplemental Materials

Supplemental Materials

The ISSB has committed to building on and improving the industry-based SASB Standards, having assumed stewardship for their maintenance and enhancement in August 2022. SASB Standards research and development is subject to IFRS due process.